No fairy tales here...

Snow White Clearing is a valley floor area of the Garnock Burn and a common camping point for those venturing up Mount Titiroa. The track is more of a route than anything as there is no formed path and some Fiordland bush experience is needed to find your way.

Looking towards Lake Manapouri, the photo shows the clearing and the spur you climb over to get there from Hope Arm.

You should have a good level of walking experience and be properly geared up as this can be hard with a steep climb and a 400m change in elevation. The route starts at the Hope Arm hut and is It's about 4.5km (one-way) from the junction to the clearing and takes around 2hrs (one way).


River crossing from Pearl Harbour, Manapouri then the Back Valley track to Back Valley Hut and on to Hope Arm.